This afternoon, I decided to do something I had never done before, solely for the purpose of doing something I had never done before: I went to a sports bar to watch a college football game. Now, if you read this site at all, you might have a pretty good idea that I am not really a sports kind of girl. I like to DO rather than WATCH if at all possible. I would much rather play a ragtag lame game of football in some empty field than watch the pros duke it out. Or used to; it's been an extremely long time since I've done that, and I now would probably throw my back out, break my glasses, and get sued within the 1st quarter. Despite all that, I really like people who are enthusiastic about stuff, and figured that anyone motivated to go to a bar in Seattle on a nice sunny day to watch a University of Colorado team play a University of Georgia team play is a bit nutty, so all good by me.

So I found myself at Sully's in the Queen Anne section of Seattle with other CU grads ('95 here), and settled in with a nice Oktoberfest bier and some noms, and watched the boys smash each other around and run back and forth.

A Georgia player made a spectacular leaping one-handed catch and a tiny CU player called Speedy gave hope to all short people like me. There were swears and cheers and fight songs from the assembled, and the Sully's folks were smiling right along and were attentive and very friendly. Everyone bonded.

It was a pretty close game the entire way through, and by the 4th quarter most everyone in the bar was standing, too nervous and pumped up to sit down. I cheered and yelled along, since I'm skilled in cheering and yelling from all my concert-going. Strangers gave me high-fives.


So...who won? Here's some video from the end of the 4th quarter.

Yessir...Georgia 27 -- Colorado 29.

It was fun, and kind of nice to see all these folks rootin' for their team. It was a good vibe. I don't think that I will end up painting my face black-and-gold or shaving the letters "C U" into my hair or buying a buffalo for the backyard, but it was fun. "See you next game!" one of the Buff fans called out to me, as he left to go over to the Paramount to see the Black Keys. I cursed my hesitation in getting tickets for that, got an apple tart and a latte instead, and went home.