According to the ABA Journal, legendary crimefighter Bruce Wayne, otherwise known as Batman, may be a graduate of Yale Law:

Was Batman a Yale Law grad as well as a world-renowned crime fighter?
Perhaps. In 1974, the caped crusader was displaying a law diploma granted by “Yale University at Gotham,” according to the Yale Law Library Rare Books Blog.
The diploma appears on a wall of Bruce Wayne’s study on page 16 of Detective Comics no. 439 from March 1974. The comic is on display as part of a law library exhibit at the school called “Superheroes in Court: Lawyers, Law and Comic Books.”
Once again, with a little intrepid research, we can find the answer.

Clue #1: Here's Batman in 1966 outside the Supreme Court with Princeton lawyer John Doar and Justice Thurgood Marshall. Ivy Leaguers stick together, you know.

Clue #2: A few years later, we find Batman with Yale lawyer Catherine Roraback and members of the Bat Panther Party.

Clue #3: Finally, Wayne relaxing at Stately Wayne Manor, clearly holding a Yale Law diploma and sporting a matching ascot/pocket handkerchief with the Yale Law Shield:

A close-up of the Yale Law Shield:

(If you as the Great Unwashed were unaware of the significance of the icons on the shield, that's the Izod alligator, official Yale Law mascot Alastair the Disdainful Well-Bred Greyhound, and metal croquet hoops.)

Batman's a Yalie, eh? Holy Clarence Thomas!