I like to act on most of the ideas that pop into my head. Why not, I say, why not write about turning orange one summer, why not fly down to L.A. on a whim to watch a movie, why not eat sardines and chocolate in the same meal? Even if it turns out poorly sometimes, at least I have been DOING something rather than thinking about doing something. And fails are just as fun to write about as successes, too. I am my own Content Provider.

I'm going to be very upfront and honest with you here, and I know it's gonna be a little shocking. I was raised a Midwestern, middle-class white female. I am not in any way Etta James, Ruth Brown, and god knows, surely not the awesome and legendary bluesman, Howlin' Wolf. But this does not deter me from recording a cover of Howlin' Wolf's "I Asked For Water (She Brought Me Gasoline)," done in dirty low-fi. I heard it on the radio the other day, driving along in my car, and thought, "Well, that's his 'Smokestack Lightnin' there, but it's a little weirder sounding." I liked it, and then I thought HEY WHY NOT? So there we are.

  I Asked For Water (He Brought Me Gasoline) - Marianne by MarianneSp

I loved doing it, all 30 minutes of effort. I may do Yanni next. Oh, wait.

Go do stuff.