Small pieces of the day from Seattle to Los Angeles.

Seattle airport, cool and foggy.

Get to car rental. It's a fire red new Mustang. Lol. It's loud in every way.

Driving to friend's house.

In their driveway, we are met with smiling faces and floating bouquets of shiny iridescent soap bubbles. The sun is gently warm, and the breeze just enough to cool the skin and blow the hair in a random tousle, making it look better than it did the morning from 15 minutes of concentrate blowdrying.

The view.

The kids run around chasing each other, settle in to watch Looney Tunes later. The grown ups talk sewer horror stories, music production, old names from Wisconsin that we know we know, but don't remember how or why, and one of the funniest and most horrible and epicly-debauched anecdotes I have EVER heard about a very famous female rock singer and the placement of her drug of choice. I literally fall to my knees in hysterical laughter, tears in my eyes, cawing like an insane crow.

A fantastic meal is prepared for us: fresh guacamole, carnitas, beans, rice.

Stayed up laughing and chatting so much that I didn't get this posted on the right day, by 15 minutes.

Epic -- EPIC -- busy and EVENT FILLED day tomorrow! I may only be posting a period or something.

hint: text message from Geoff Edgers this afternoon was...