Unintentional comedian and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer keeps it comin'. Her quote to the AP (via Huffington Post):

"The bottom line is that people in the Southwest, particularly Arizona, we love our diversity. It's in our DNA. We are almost, I believe, colorblind," she said. "It's just not in us. We've grown up, we've lived next door, we work together, we eat together. I mean, it's so different than the issues they always want to relate to the South, you know, in regards to the civil rights issues down there."

Yes. It's sooooooo different. Colorblind. Of course. Mmm. Right. Uh huh. Eeeyup.

Jan Brewer's "Eat Together"

Jan Brewer's "Work Together"

Jan Brewer's "Live Next Door"

Jan Brewer's "Growing Up Together"

Dios mio.