There is zero chance of my being able to process and upload all the great songs I got from the Sunset Tavern's Kinks Tribute night yesterday for posting today, as I must get myself and that rocking young lass, MissSeven, ready to see some dude named Ringo tonight. So instead I am going to suggest this Smithsonian Channel doc on the Monkees for your entertainment. It's a little sensationalist, but it does give a chance to witness Don Kirshner's stunning God complex in action. You are welcome.

I've always thought the Monkees got a bad rap, although in hindsight there was probably no other way it could have gone. But props to those boys to standing up to the old-style music biz profiteers. Money isn't everything, hits aren't everything, and the times were changing reeeeallly fast then. You can't blame them for wanting to be real people instead of purchased plastic figurines. How many times this story has played out over the years since, hmm?

It of course was no accident whatsoever that the Sex Pistols covered the Monkees "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone," with the biggest wink of all time. In one way or another, everything is manufactured and sold, is it not?

The Monkees - Not Your Steppin Stone
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