From the Department of Turdism comes news of this lawsuit, via TMZ: former supposed prestigious model person Ann Kirsten Kennis is suing those sweet-faced and nifty Vampire Weekend lads for supposedly using her 1983 image on their recent Contra album without her permission, claiming her release signature was forged.

Now, gee golly gosh, if I were Ms. Kennis and discovered that a young indie band had used a photo of me from 1983, I think I'd be pretty damn STOKED, paid or not paid. If I were completely destitute and living along the 5 in Los Angeles, as I am sure Ms. Kennis must be, perhaps I would politely ask for a few hundred dollars to buy some new underwear and a pup tent. I am sure my request would be easily handled without using up the valuable time of our civil courts and paying a snooty lawyer a pile to file a lawsuit. But if I were not at all destitute, I think I would play the very excellent music contained on Contra and enjoy the fun of being a found "celebrity" for a new generation of pop collars.

You know, come to think of it, Ms. Kennis must be around my age.