Today we had to collect Mr10 from a sleepover, in a town about 20 miles away. Afterwards heading home through the usual fetid architecture, Shell stations, McDonald's, and teriyaki joints, we spotted a bookstore, unfamiliar to us all, and decided to pull over and check it out. I love to veer, to do the spontaneous, go adventuring, and a new bookstore is just nerd paradise for me anyway. It was also a near-certainty they would have a coffee bar too, so that just doubles the fun.

It was a surprisingly large place with a very good selection. I found several art books for MissSix, then wandered over the the music, photography, essay, travel, and writing sections for myself. As usual, as always, I have this dual response: excitement and curiosity over ALL THESE GREAT COOL BOOOOOOOOOKS and sadness that, realistically, there is no way in the world I will ever be able to read anywhere near the books I want to. It actually sort of hurts me. I want to KNOW what everyone is saying, learn stuff, enjoy the way other people put together their thoughts and words. Half the time it seems the best I can do is keep up with my own writing and read a few magazines sitting at the hair salon. Sigh.

So many books. So many. I think I would enjoy doing a book, although I don't know if there is any real point to it. It would just go in the pile of SO MANY BOOKS. But, still, it would be a fun accomplishment. I just like doing stuff.

There was actually a bit of a mall attached to this bookstore, and a Big Band was playing in the tiny small food court to a few tables of people and one white-haired couple dancing the World's Slowest Jitterbug. They were nice and loud, and pretty good, too. It reminded me of my dad. He would have enjoyed it. As it turned out, they were a bunch of Microsoft guys that just liked to get together and play. Heh. Jazz Band nerds all grown up. Well, good for them I say. They are also Doing Stuff.

The veer off the road was a good thing, a new place to go back to, some smiles over music and books, and yes, a good latte for the road.