I fall to my knees
and look to the sky
Who will save rock and roll?

Murray The K is not here today
so who will save rock and roll?

Every protest singer
every guitar slinger
every punk rock sinner sells his soul

My generation is not the salvation
so who will save rock and roll

I saw The Stooges,
covered with bruises
who will save rock and roll?

every mercenary
three chord revolutionaries
choose your side and choose it well

June 1st, 67 something died
and went to heaven
I wish Sgt Pepper
never taught the band to play

my generation
is not the salvation
so who will save,
who will save
tell me who will save
rock and...... roll

The Dictators, "Who Will Save Rock And Roll?"

Someone already did.

Not to give him a complex or anything, but it's Jack White. Hardest working man in showbiz? Maybe, but maybe he's just hit his stride, right place right time, and has so many new ideas that sometimes you want to just say, "HEY! SAVE SOME FRIGGIN PIE FOR THE REST OF US, ASS!" Nah, I don't mean it. He should have, like, at least 60% of the pie. Beyonce don't need no mo pie.

It was a total miracle that The White Stripes were able to achieve commercial success. It would have been more likely, despite and maybe because of their rawness and innovation and sheer nerve, that they would have sunk into indie obscurity like so many others. But maybe Jack White is a force of nature, maybe he wanted it all more, and maybe enough people wanted him to have it, too.

See how busy he's been? In the last ten years:

--The White Stripes

--The Raconteurs

--The Dead Weather (all three bands ongoing, by the way)

-- played with/produced Mark Ronson, Alicia Keys, Beck, Loretta Lynn, Electric Six, Soledad Brothers, Whirlwind Heat, The Muldoons, The Greenhornes, and probably a pile more I don't know about

-- acted in several films

-- dated an A-list actress and married a supermodel, and produced two children.

Whether you like his music or not, you've got to appreciate the guy's work ethic, and that he knows how to bring out the musical best in others, AND that it is so obvious how much he loves music. Thanks, Jack, for not doing better at the upholstery business back in Detroit.

The White Stripes, "Hotel Yorba"

The Raconteurs -- "Steady As She Goes"

The Dead Weather -- "Are Friends Electric"