To: Expensive Blonde Haired, Smartly-Put Together Woman In Black Driving A New Black Mercedes Who Not Only Nearly Ran Over My Teen Son And I In The Crosswalk Today, But Then Looked Super Pissed Off That We Were In The Middle Of The Road Walking To Begin With,And Motioned For Us To Hurry The F Up

From: Me

Yes, Ma'am, that was me who gave you the High Holy Stink Eye with the Continued Head Turn Stare Down. You had the nerve to glare back at me.

If I had not had to provide a good role-model for my child and all, this is what I would have done:

-- stopped dead cold in the crosswalk

-- tied my shoe while yawning

-- motioned for you to roll down your window

-- when you did, I would have said loudly enough for all the other people who saw what you did to hear, HEY BITCH! LATE FOR YOUR BOTOX PARTY?

-- I also would have spit on your car and swore at you.

Don't mess with Mama, creep.