Mr11: I am left brain.

Me: Oh? Did you study about this at school today or something?

Mr11: Yes, and let me tell you why I am left brain.

Me: OK.

Mr11: I am not very emotional, so I am left.

MissSix: Obviously, I am right.

Me: Ha ha ha!

Mr11: And when I make a decision, I stick to it, and it's either one thing or another, not a bunch of things.

Me: No shades of grey, huh?

Mr11: Nope.

MissSix: I have like three or four shades of grey in my art box. Mostly they are pencils. I don't have a left brain.

Me: Yes, you do, everyone does, and everyone uses right and left, but sometimes it is said that your personality seems to favor the attributes of one side or the other. The brain is a very complex thing, and we are still learning so much about it.

Mr11: It's like, when I am in a forest I look at one tree and not the whole thing, but the right brain people see the whole big forest.

Me: So you are a detail guy.

Mr11: Well, not if I have to write something down.

MissSix: I like eels.