Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is one of my very favorite bands, if you didn't already know dat. I've seen them play in several different states (soon to add Texas and Austin Psych Fest to that list, woo hoo!), and just love everything they do -- whether you call it "bluesgaze," "altshoe," "garagepsych," or just hawt. Their next album, "Specter At The Feast" will be released in mid-March worldwide, and will begin a slew of U.S. gigs in support beginning in April through June 1st, and you should GO.

Today, BRMC released their first single from the album, and I was so excited to hear it that I didn't even look at the title when I played it. It only took a few seconds in when I realized what it was: a cover of The Call's 1989 hit, "Let The Day Begin," and then a few more seconds for a bittersweet smile to appear on my face. Michael Been, vocalist, songwriter, and leader of The Call, was the father of Robert Been of BRMC. He spent several years working closely with his son's band, and was acting as BRMC's soundman when he died backstage of a massive heart attack at one of their European shows in 2010; a devastating loss of a father, mentor, and musical friend to the whole band. It was so hard to watch videos from some of the shows the band did right after Michael Been's death; the intense sadness was so plainly visible. At one of the gigs -- at a grimly rainy outdoor festival, as I recall -- during one of the songs, Robert Been left the stage to walk closer to the crowd, and fell to his knees in the mud, thrashing at his guitar, grief and frustration raw. It was heartbreaking.

So, with some time to heal, BRMC have done a lovely thing to remake "Let The Day Begin" in honor and love of Michael Been. You may download it for free here at the band's site after entering your email address. (They are good guys, and won't spam you, by the way.) Enjoy.