Oh boy! If you are in Florida (OR CAN GET HERE REAL FAST), have I got a couple of AHHH-MAAAYYYY-ZIIIING gigs for you to attend this weekend, January 4th and 5th! Because of the Herculean efforts of many good-hearted and fantastically attractive people, one of my very favorite musicians, (Good Ol') Lars Finberg (A-Frames, Wounded Lion, The Intelligence, Thee Oh Sees) has flown 3000 real jet miles to play and DJ at two unique, one-time-only performances at Dada in Delray Beach, FL. and Gramps Bar in Miami.

(drawing of Lars Finberg by Miss Ten, 1/3/13)

On the 4th, Dada and Kismet Vintage and Pure Honey are hosting a Velvet Underground Night with Lars performing with West Palm Beach locals and Florida's Dying recording artists Cop City Chill Pillars (along with other fine locals Beach Day, Black Seal, DJ Disney Dad, and others). The bands will be doing select VU songs, and the night also includes themed drinks and goodies, a raffle, and a vintage clothing showcase that will donate 25% of the proceeds to Delray Beach's nonprofit community Arts Garage. It's as close as you are ever gonna get to Warhol's Factory days...but with palm trees! Wear your dark sunglasses and get your banana-cover groove on! All ages! (Dada, 52 N. Swinton, Delray Beach, FL., 9PM-2AM)

The next night, January 5th, Lars and CCCP hop on the freeway and head down to brand-spankin'-new Gramps, located in the super-hip Wynwood Arts District in Miami. This time, they will provide us with a set (kindly presented by Gramps and Strutter Productions) mining the song catalogues of the Intelligence and Cop City, with a few surprises, I BET. Supercool West Palm Beach band New Coke (Slovenly Records) will be opening, with DJ sets from Hardworkin' Lars and one "Tet De Vac," otherwise known as Gabriel Alcala, lead vocalist and guitarist from Miami's beloved garage rock trio, Jacuzzi Boys. Pony up five bucks at the door and you will have the BEST NIGHT EVER! But not if you are under 21; sorry, kids, it's Saturday with the Xbox for you again. (Gramps, 176 NW 24th St, Miami, FL., 9PM-3AM)

My daughter, Miss Ten, my Florida host Stacy B., and I thought we would ask Mr. Finberg a few questions so you can get to know him a little better and see what he thinks about these gigs, Florida, lentils, his early musical history, and lentils. Did I mention lentils? Hey, lentils!

Miss Ten: What is your FULL NAME?

Lars: Lars Aldric Finberg.

Miss Ten: Where are you from originally?

Lars: Lars from Mars. Or Bakersfield, California.

Miss Ten: How did you get started doing music?

Lars: I got grounded for stealing a poor little kid's skateboard to try to impress some rotten bad kids. I still hate myself for it! But for my birthday, my pop got me a guitar and the kid down the street taught me "Purple Haze" and "One" by Metallica and I was hooked.

Stacy: Who was your first musical influence?

Lars: Woody Woodpecker.  

Stacy: What instrument did you start playing first? How many do you play?

Lars: Guitar, then bass, drums, and a shameful attempt at the keyboard. 

Stacy: What was your first band?

Lars: Battle of the Bands in high school. We were called "Jesus."

Miss Ten: Lars, why are you in South Florida?

Lars: The lovely Marianne and Aly Gore of Kismet Vintage (ed. - I swear I didn't write that) suggested coming to DJ the Cop City Gramps show, which snowballed into playin' with them, and then the VU SHOW. I'm a big Cop City fan, so I jumped at the chance.

Miss Ten: How do you like Miami?

Lars: I'm in West Palm Beach now, but anywhere there's alligators, I'm comfortable.

Marianne: What has it been like working with Cop City Chill Pillars?

Lars: They seem like long-lost band mates. Funny, sweet, talented guys, and I can't thank them enough for taking the time to do this. I love them.

Marianne: Have you ever done a gig of all-covers before?

Lars: Nope, always talked about it, but never had a deadline or goal like this. It is stressful! 

Stacy: What kind of music feeds your soul?

Lars: Jazz. Coltrane and Charlie Parker With Strings.

Miss Ten: What kind of food feeds your stomach?

Lars: Lentils, baby! Kale and raw almonds, but mostly pizza.

Marianne: You recently did some recording with Thee Oh Sees. How did that go? How awesome was it??

Lars: It was a blast. They continue to spellbind me with their new songs, and it is an honor to work with the hardest working band in showbiz.

Marianne: What's on the agenda for the Intelligence for 2013?

Lars: Some lil' Intelligence tours and a big European one. Maybe US in summer; working on Australia. Record a new LP in spring or summer. 


Stacy: Where is your favorite place to be?

Lars: Movies, sauna, beach, with my family. NOT at Guitar Center.

Miss Ten: Have you ever met the Beatles?

Lars: No :(

Stacy: What was your favorite item that came through when you worked at a vintage store?

Lars: The 1920 stamp set I use for our lettering. 

Marianne: You will be also DJing at the Gramps gig. Do you have a particular specialty in what you play, or do you wait to see what the crowd likes?

Lars: I like to take a visual thermometer and decide. Likely R 'n B and oldies? Or hip hop?

Stacy: When did you eat last and what did you eat?

Lars: Lentil soup, 4 hours ago.

Marianne: Did you bring some cool merch to sell at the gigs?

Lars: Two shirts and records and some mild humor.

So, tell your friends, bring your mom and your dad and your cousin and your fake aunt and your stepstepstep-sisters, and come out and see Lars and all the rest of these sweet musicians on January 4th at Dada in Delray and January 5th Gramps in Miami! (Come say hi to me, too, I'll be photogularing!) Thanks, all!