It is my total pleasure to bring you these photographic images I snared from yesterday night's punk fun at Seattle's Black Lodge while SIMULTANEOUSLY introducing you to the band wimps, if you are not already familiar with their awesomeness. This week the band released their first album, Repeat, which is also the first release for End Of Time Records, run by Sarah Moody, GM at Hardly Art. The mordant, tongue-in-cheek lyrics and crisp garage band crunch of "Repeat" whiz by in less time that in takes you to watch a rerun of "Three's Company," and is infinitely more satisfying. Everyday frustrations just seem a lot less troublesome when set to fun music.

The Black Lodge is something like a cross between a haunted house and Andy Warhol's Factory, a strange basement rec room, and a punk cattle corral. The entryway where the merch table was is ALL LIGHTS and then the performance space is NO LIGHTS AT ALL, save for a single, merciless bulb in a silver industrial lamp. The turnout was excellent, and the floor packed. The band (made up of Rachel Ratner on guitar and vocals, Matt Nyce on bass and vocals, and Dave Ramm on drums) headlined the night, which also included Trashies, Stickers, Loud Eyes, and Big Eyes (I missed everyone else because I was next door at the Lo-Fi Performance Space yabbering away with friends and drinking tall PBR's, lo siento). Anyway, everyone had a blast, everyone left happy into the chilly, dry night, and I only had like, half of my pants covered in beer this time! WIN! Anyway, enjoy the photos, click to enlarge, see more HERE on Flickr, and go buy "Repeat" because it's fun and you like fun and I like fun, so there!