Since I have already made a Thanksgiving menu for you, I thought today I might add in a playlist to further enhance your special day of gratitude and gluttony. These are from my own collection, mind you, and not EVERY DAMN SONG THAT HAS THANK YOU IN THE TITLE, THANK YOU. In fact, some of them might have absolutely no lyrical content about being thankful at all! I like the idea of you being confused over a heaping portion of Rage Mashed Potatoes.

Please to enjoy, and remember that if you've had a little too much celebratory alcohol, be sure not to drive. I am sure Grandma June won't mind at all if you throw up on the pumpkin pie and pass out in her Laz-E-Boy while your liver processes your happiness!

From one of my favorites, a moody, majestic little valentine.

Reigning Sound, "I'm So Thankful"

If this doesn't make you think of ping-pong tables, popcorn, and toast, I don't know what would.

Vince Guaraldi Trio, "Thanksgiving Theme"

Some Philly soul for you, reminding you not to perseverate on your lack of "gangsta whitewalls." Brilliance.

William DeVaughn, "Be Thankful For What You Got"

Ty Segall will blow your turkey to nicely shredded sandwich leftovers with this one.

Ty Segall, "Thank God For Sinners"

Sometimes I think Sly & the Family Stone might have been the best thing ever. Mull that in your wine.

Sly & the Family Stone, "Thank You (Fallentinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

This has kind of a crazy folky Shaggs vibe that gets in your ear and sprouts Gerber daisies.

The Sandwitches, "Thank You For Listening"

I can't tell you how many times I've sung this song (BOTH PARTS), because I can't count that high. Early days Fabs at their Everly Brothers best, and for giggles, here's the first studio take of the song, slower and missing the harmonica in the final take, and in that wicked split stereo. I still nearly faint in lovesick Beatlemaniac swooning when I hear the "ohhhh...ohhhh...mmmm" part.

The Beatles, "Thank You Girl (Studio Take 1)"

This doesn't really have a lot to do with thankfulness, other than that I am thankful for the Intelligence, of course.

The Intelligence, "Thank You God For Fixing The Tape Machine"

The Dandies channel the Kinks' "I Need You," a song which we all should gratefully honor with another similar song.

The Dandy Warhols, "Thanks For The Show"

And finally, a song SO COOL that W*rn*r  M*s*c Gr**p will remove it if I upload it to Y**T*b*, so I made a static-shot vid for it JUST so YOU could hear it here!

The Fl*m*ng L*ps, "Th*nk Y** J*ck Wh*t* (For The F*ber-Opt*c J*sus Th*t You G*ve M*)"