As a storm with heavy rain and high winds is predicted to arrive into the Seattle area this evening, my response, naturally, is to post up some more GOAT videos! Right???? AMIRITE??? GOATS! Thanks to my fellow goat aficionado Dena for sending me the first one. Please to enjoy!

The expression on this assertive goat's face proves that goats are not of this world. Nope.

The Annoyed Mule and the Goat

This goat sounds JUST like Eric Cartman from "South Park" whining at his mother!

Loud Goat At Lake Tobias

Oh, look, it's the Playground Bully Goat!

Crazy Goat At The Fair Making Loud Noises

Pig rescues Goat!

This is why babies and petting zoos don't mix, IMHO.

Goat vs. Baby Screamfest

He's trying to suck out your SOUL!

Goat Trying To Communicate With People

Hahaha! This one reminds me of Aunt Bee from Mayberry!

Funny Tulsa Zoo Goat

And finally, from NBC News...

Paperboy Terrorized by Gruff Goat Named "Voldemort"

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