There are some classic rock songs that are so strongly performed in their original form that it's really difficult for other musicians to do them any kind of sonic justice, especially when trying to stay true to the arrangement and style. Think of it like those funny home videos where a kitten is trying to catch a laser pointer dot wiggling on a wall, leaps valiantly into the air, and falls behind the sofa. The attempt is sincere and passionate, yet the failure is complete. One of these songs that almost always cannot be done well by anyone else, IMHO, is Aerosmith's "Dream On," from 1973. Steven Tyler's vocals are so grand and identifiable in the song, and he takes GREAT big crazy leaps and jumps all over the place in true rock god style. It's not for the faint-of-heart or small-of-balls vocalist. Yes, not everyone can pull this off, but today we will celebrate those human laser kittens who tried with all their might. Please to enjoy...and remember, the vocals at the end to this song = BEST PART!

Oh, dear. Here we have "Anastacia," who looks like she just stumbled out of "Real Housewives of Reno" and sounds like a pissed-off nosejob trying to break its way out of her fish-lipped face. In the YouTube comments to this video, she angrily asserts there is no autotune on her voice here. She is a big silly Liar McLiarberg. I rename her "Autotunia" forevermore.

Anastacia, "Dream On"

This is "Kaveh." This is what he has to say:  "Watch in HD, A cover of the Aerosmith song "Dream On" which is one of my favourites of all time. Obviously took a few days to do both the audio, and then a week for the video. But I think this is visually as impressive, or even more impressive then the medley!"

It sure is. Lulzarama.

Kaveh, "Dream On"

I know this young man was only in 8th Grade here and clearly has some playing skills, but you know...TUNING IS GOOD. REAL GOOD. This could be the theme song to every Saturday afternoon in every Guitar Center everywhere. I am fascinated by the expressions on his classmates in the background.

An 8th Grader, "Dream On"

Oh, honey. No. No. No. No. No. No.

I think someone has a Eddie Vedder fixation here. Which is bad, because Eddie Vedder is a terrible singer. Although...maybe this is Eddie Vedder. It's kinda dark.

The scream part is sublime.

Eddie Vedder II, "Dream On"

And finally, my fave. Don't sue me if your dog goes crazy and bites Grandma while this is on.

Captain Hormone, "Dream On"