MissNine learned a valuable lesson yesterday, and I didn't even have to lay it on her like a wet smelly blanket for a change. She and I were hanging out at home, she was bored out of her skull, and I once again informed her, as I was working over processing photos, that I didn't have a tattoo on my head that said "ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE" and that there were lots of fun things to do. After skulking around in a preteen funk type of way for awhile, her ears latched on to one of the songs I was playing on my computer while working, and then asked me if I could play it again. I did, and then she asked me if it would be OK if she could make a video for it, having recently took an afterschool class on basic animation for the iPad. I knew that this song already had a very funny and cool video but hey...why not? Go for it, kid, I said, and told her I could help her with editing if she got stuck.

I'm delighted with her efforts, and she was so stoked to see it move from drawings to video to YouTube. The Lesson Learned? As she was watching it on my computer after it was ready to upload to YouTube, she turned and said to me, "Look! This all came from me being bored! Now there's something new!" BINGO! I thought, and smiled.

"Dating Cops" is by The Intelligence, from their 2007 "Deuteronomy" album and you can purchase it from In The Red Records or on iTunes. Enjoy all one minute and twenty-three seconds!

"Dating Cops," The Intelligence