I've teamed up with MissNine to bring you photos of a lovely afternoon we spent together today in some absolutely gorgeous Northwest spring weather. We shared my iPhone; whomever had it in hand at the time took the photos. First on the agenda was Mother's Day Tea at her school, where we Moms were treated to a snack of our choice from a handprinted menu, served to us by the kids. (You may click on the photos to enlarge.)

While we ate, the kids in groups of three or four recited some wonderful and funny poems about insects. They are getting tall. They will get taller. Then we went up to the classroom to see their projects: handsewn animals in papier maché egg-homes, with poems also composed by the kids. MissNine's poem about monkeys follows.

We then were released from school for the weekend, and promptly drove over to our local Friday Farmer's Market at the beach park, opening day of the season. Since it was such a beautiful day, it was very busy with shoppers, dog walkers, toddlers wading into the lake and digging in the rather compacted brown sand, and people just grooving on nature in general.

MissNine could not resist the pizza vendor. This is what I wanted:

(she took these two photos, though)

...but cheese was what we ended up with. It was delicious.

After our pizza, I handed off the phone to MissNine, who ran around and took the rest of these pretty photos before we returned the car and headed home. I really like that my life is both cheese pizza eaten sitting in the grass with a nine-year-old AND going to beer-soaked raucous punk clubs without a nine-year-old. I'm a lucky mom.