Why? Because I can. $12.95 and I am up and running the interhaps here on my plane to Wisconsin. CRAZY MODERN ELECTRICAL TIMES!


I am missing seeing Prez Obamerererer in Seattle today. I don't think I could have attended one of those big Dem fundraiser things he surely must be going to, but I could have stood on the street and waved and gone, "YOU ROCK, BROSEPH! IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY! UH HUH!" or something similarly enthusiastic and supportive. Instead, I will read and write and listen to MissSeven next to me babble nervously about NINE PRAZILLION THINGS.

Couch Teen's girlfriend is joining up this time on the annual family jaunt. She was raised in China, California, and Washington State, therefore Wisconsin to her will be an entirely new experience. She's concerned about her hay allergy and looking forward to excellent cheese. This is always the greatest challenge to any traveler to the state of my birth: How Not To Get All Full Of Hay And Eat Way Way Way Way Way Way Way Way Way Way Too Much Food. She doesn't at all have to worry about the latter issue, as I think she weighs about 90 lbs., maybe. Me? Must be vigilant at all times, in all locales, to STEP AWAY FROM THE BOUNTY.

My Twitter feed has just informed me that I missed some huge disturbing sonic booms all over the Washington area. Military jets, it turns out, scrambled after some other air doofus violated the restrictions put in place today with the Obaminator. My lovely dog sitter Celia also has just informed me that our Ellie is basking in a kiddie pool, beating the heat. I bet she didn't like those booms not one tiny bit.

The only food on this 2000-mile flight is pretzels. Pass, in protest.

I will leave you with this little slice of Wisconsin. It's accurate.