Back to my fabulous Montgomery Wards catalog today for another walk down the hot-coal-and-shards-of-glass Memory Lane that was 1979 fashion. This time, it's the big guys. Man up!

Corduroy, denim, and forest green suits = answer to questions that never should have been asked. Ever.

See the guy in the cowboy hat? See his fingers? He's referring to the two guys below.

This jacket looks like chewed-up Bit-O-Honey candies, or very very dense flypaper.

Hey John Stossel/Geraldo Rivera, nice to see ya.

There's no black guy that would wear that. Get real, Montgomery Wards.

Oh, look. Fake Country Carl is headed out to go to the County "No-Down" tonight.

The leisure suit is a well-known and easy target, and I am not at all above shooting at said target.

Can someone tell me what happened to guys' hair in the '70s? They all look like they are trying to cover giant lumpy scalp tumors.


"Now...on the word 'GO!' I want all of you guys to look like complete tools, 'k? Ready? GO!"

I'm pretty sure these were the couples that started the "Herpes Craze." You nutty kids.

I'm choosing to believe that "Terry Velour" is the real name of one of these dudes.

Granddad proud:

Granddad shy:

Is the guy on the right a mannequin?

Solid Color Jones...I got a Solid Color Jones...I got a Solid Color Jones, oh baybee, ooo wee ooOOO...

And finally, I don't think I really need to add anything more to the text already there.