On the plane back to Seattle now from our Wisconsin week. MissSeven is already asleep by my side. She won't be in her bed at home until well after midnight. I am sleepy too, because yesterday's Bloody Mary, even the 1/2" I drank of it, was not too smart. Tabasco and I are not friends, and it exited my system in an unpleasant way in the middle of the night. Ah, well. Hurr durrr, me.

What I will bring to you this evening is a modest Camera Bag photo essay from my favorite drive-in restaurant of all time, The Kiltie in Oconomowoc, WI. I have to go at least once when I am back, or everything just feels wrong.

I am really digging this cool little Camera Bag app -- it comes for iPhone as well as Mac or PC.

Nom nom nom. Here come da fuud.

Done eatin' and back to pack. (Spot the wild turkey in this batch.) Bye bye, Wisconsin.