(MissSeven is my guest today, reviewing the show she and I saw last night. I will provide the vids and pix, unless otherwise noted.)

What did you think of Marymoor Park?

MissSeven: I thought it was cool because it had dogs walking in the park on the way in. The stage was cool because it had lights that went up and down.  I ate a cheeseburger but I didn’t want to because I am a pescatarian. It was sort of cold but I put on a Vampire Weekend sweatshirt and the arms were really long like spider legs, ha ha.

What did you think of the Dum Dum Girls?

M7: I thought they were great.  I liked that one song that goes "la la la la" the best (ed. "Jail La La").  I liked their singing. The crowd probably thought they were great because they were screaming YAY. I was going to say hello to the singer but then I got shy. We gave her a movie for her bus about rock stars and left it by the guy with the shirts.

(More Dum Dum Girls photos here.)

What did you think of Beach House?

M7: I wasn’t really listening. I was drawing and looking at stuff on my camera. I heard a little of the music and I liked it. It was nice. The girl had wild hair. People liked them.

(More Beach House photos here.)

Tell me about what happened with Vampire Weekend.

M7: I was excited that they were going to come on and sing and then I got sad because they couldn’t. The people threw stuff at the guy on the stage talking and saying it was cancelled  and the guys taking all the stuff away. That was bad. Some dude threw a beer on the guy’s shirt. People looked sad and angry and they were saying BOO YOU STINK. The girl with the orange hair and the camera next to us looked really disappointed, like WHOA. I already saw Vampire Weekend before so I was OK and not as disappointed as the people who never saw them, but, you know.

(Official statement from Vampire Weekend released today)

"Dear Seattle,

We are incredibly sorry about our last minute cancellation last night in Redmond – the decision wasn’t taken lightly. Ezra had some vocal issues earlier in the day, but felt like he was improving however, while he was warming up just moments prior to our set time he lost his voice completely and was unable to perform. He was then taken to the ER and diagnosed with inflamed vocal cords and the doctor ordered him to not perform for 48 hours. Even so, we still wanted to perform but by that point it was clear that any performance we could give would have been essentially instrumental and nowhere close to what we or the audience was expecting.
We know you all had to wait around for the announcement, and many of you came a long way to be there, and again – we truly apologize."

Did you take pictures?

M7:Yes, but I was saving almost all my batteries for Vampire Weekend so I didn’t take any of the other ones.

I got some.

M7: Yup. I saw you.