I think my car must be infused with either magic or mind-expanding drugs. I get the best (i.e. weirdest and funniest) stuff out of my kids' brains in there, always after I pick them up after school. The problem with this is that I am never going to be able to sell the car someday because of motherly sentiment, and someday I won't have to pick them up after school anymore.

Mr12: How are you, Mom? How was your day?

Me: That's nice of you to ask. I had a long nap earlier, but I woke up feeling weird and everything seems kind of surreal at present.

Mr12: What does "surreal" mean?

MissSeven: Oh oh oh! I know!! We are just learning about that!

Me: Really?

MissSeven: Yes! Sir Real is that crazy dude with the curly mustache!

Me: (face-splitting grin)