Just about a perfect day here in the Seattle area -- sunny, breezy, warm enough to wear shorts, if you so desired to bare your glowing white gams. We decided to go across the lake to the Richmond Beach Strawberry Festival, set in a small park off Puget Sound. I like strawberries, and I like being by the water, and I like sunny warm days. It was a no-brainer.

It was a very modest event, with a very quiet small-town vibe, perfect for the day. First up...MissSeven and I shared this STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE. OH YES.

While we ate, a group of teens called Northern Departure played some bluegrass for us all.

Afterwards, MissSeven wanted to explore the playground.

I sat on a bench and watched people and nature and stuff.

The library was having a small used book sale. How would you link these two photos? Heh.

Inside, a small crafts display. I believe some Mother may be getting one of those necklaces tomorrow morning for Mother's Day, cough cough.

Look at the nice police dog.

Moseying back towards the car, there is a wall and there is chalk. MissSeven must participate.

As I wait for her to finish her chalk flowers, reggae band plays John Lennon's "Imagine." I imagine I am hearing this dude sing " life for PEEEEEEE!" Maybe he has kidney issues.

This guy was staring right at these young ladies the whole time. I hope the young ladies were farting the whole time.

And that was that.