Remember, all the way back a few days ago when I posted about writing a song inspired by the increasingly-ugly mess that is AZ. SB 1070? Well, the new compilation album from Arizona musicians opposed to scary racist laws is now available. "A Line In The Sand," sponsored by The Phoenix New Times, gives a voice to those in the state whose opinions are getting steamrolled by those in political power who are using hate, fear, frustration, and ignorance to push their agenda. I'm damn sick of these jughead-jingoists who keep saying "Let's take our country back!" Well, NEWS FLASH: America is NOT ONE RACE, ONE VIEWPOINT. This land is my land too, jerkoffs, and don't try to rewrite that.

No problem, however serious, is going to be solved by making every person with an Hispanic name or face feel like if a cop thinks their ID isn't in order, it's off to the Detention Center. Better not ever forget your driver's license and make a rolling stop, Ramirez, even if you and your parents and your grandparents and your great-grandparents have been legal U.S. residents forever. This poke at the Feds -- which is what it is -- may eventually serve to refine and maybe outright overhaul the immigration policy in America; I don't know. There are inconsistencies, surely, and depending on which side of the (literal) fence you sit on, some folks think the U.S. ought to shut its borders completely and take care of its own; some believe America is nothing if not for the fluidity and diversity that immigrants provide. It will take years of ugly court battles to find out.

No state can claim with any credibility whatsoever that every single one of their law enforcement professionals can carry out this mandate equitably and with no regard to racial stereotypes. It's not reality and can never be made so. Arizona cannot fairly carry out SB 1070, and cannot pay for it either. Worst case scenario: hatred and increasing mistrust on both sides of the issue will cross over into violence when SB 1070 goes into effect in the middle of a blazing Arizona summer. No one wants this.

Whether or not you are a big music geek like me or not, I bet you will find something to enjoy here, but even if you prefer other types of music, support "A Line In The Sand" and send the message that music is a way to peacefully protest, and "A Line In The Sand" is one small thing that can help. Proceeds will be donated to humanitarian relief organizations for immigrants in Arizona. Please click here to find out more and buy the album. Thanks!