A few days ago, yours truly and thousands of other folks participated in The New York Times' "Moment In Time" photography call, which I wrote about here. I am delighted to say that the fab folks at the NYT have the collection up and running now, and it is as funky, cool, wondrous, interesting, odd, enlightening, funny, and touching as I would have thought. There are so many gorgeous photographs -- some are truly excellent. But beyond that is the real privilege of being able to step inside someone else's world for a single second, to see what they see, to see what is important to them. The collection is not only creatively inspiring, but leaves you with the feeling that there is a lot of beauty, everywhere.

Click here, although I warn you: once you start looking at the photos, you won't be able to stop. When you come to the photo of MissSeven there, do stop and wave "hi."