Every so often I will come across something I think is unnaturally awesome, like Stumptown coffee or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or Free People clothing or cheese. I think it is a good thing to let others know when you have come across something cool and remarkable, so I will now do a good thing. I wish I could tell you how to solve the economic crisis or thwart cancer or reach inner satisfaction, but you'd have to pay me for that. This is America, people, get real.

I try out a fair amount of beauty products. This is not because I expect to become beautiful through the application of creams, lotions, acids, or colors, although their subtle enhancing effects are surely appreciated by all who gaze upon me for 2 seconds at the Safeway. No, I try them because I am a woman, and in general women like good-smelling things that promise you stuff, like a new starry-eyed boyfriend who bothers to apply deodorant. But for the most part the glop I apply to myself is nice, but not special, and I don't re-buy it.

I came across AHAVA products, oddly enough, at TJ Maxx, where I was intrigued by a discounted tube of their Dead Sea Liquid Salt.
Why? Well, I am not sure. Certainly any body product with the words "dead" and "salt" doesn't seem automatically appealing, right? But I like weird stuff, so I bought it and tried it out next showertime.

HEY! I said, this stuff it weird!, keeping right on theme there as I applied it and waited 2 minutes before rinsing it off as instructed. Whoa, the salt was actually a little tingly although in this super-smooth gel, sort of disturbing but nifty. The outcome and my entire point of this post was to tell you that this stuff left my skin not only feeling exceptionally clean and smooth, but it actually looked healthier. I have tried a few other of AHAVA's products and they are all excellent and really seem to make the skin better somehow. All beauty product manufactureres claim this or that; AHAVA is one of the very few that actually do exactly what they claim to, and that is cool.

Off to the shower again. Salt on.