So You Think You Can Dance judge and professional pretentious prat Mia Michaels is leaving the show, she announced this month.

Awww. Now what judge will make me swear and get a headache every time I watch the show, huh?

Oh. Right.

That braying blob of Botox, Mary Murphy...

...or Tyce Diorio, whose "talk to the hand" mannerisms cause him to pull so many over-the-top facial expressions I want to wrap a super-heated Ace bandage around his entire head...

...or Lil C, who is dumb as a bag of suet with a hat on, yet keeps talking in circles saying NOTHING AT ALL until he says something is "buck," which is supposed to be his cool word for "good," yet it fails every time.

I have to STOP watching this show. I'm gonna have a fricken stroke.