Part of the service I provide here on the Island is to sometimes say things that you can’t say. It is possible that you are a mute, or a very very very very skilled chicken, better at math, or fear retribution from an employer or deity. So today I am going to write you a few haikus, to compactly express some of our common frustrations in an artful way. This won’t take more that a few seconds to read and digest before you open a browser page on Jon & Kate or to find other “furries” like yourself. Freak.

Let us begin.

Holy fuck! I go
Once more to the job I hate
My boss is an ass.

Drifting slowly, there
His car moves to the left now
Jerk, try signaling.

The line grows so long
Old woman writing goddamn
Check for groceries.

His cough, ragged, deep
Sir, keep your filthy swine flu
To yourself, sickie.

The bloody water
From the packaged chicken breasts
Makes me want to puke.

The rains now return
Pissing down like on me like God
At Oktoberfest.

Oh, Property Tax!
I have just paid King County
All that I had left.

Not horrible-looking man
But a giant creep.

Now go on with your day, all full of Japanese poetry and swear words.