Happy April Fool's Day. I've got two kids home, one to still pick up, clothes to put away, and a mountain of other dullities to manage. It hasn't been a very amusing, rollicking, or mischievous day. But who knows, maybe I will think of something stupid to yank someone's chain later on. I will give it a go.

I guess I have never really been a prankster much, other than every few years buying a whoopee cushion for one of the kids and letting them fart away and laugh on it until it bursts. Oh, I suppose pouring a can of Campbell's Bean With Bacon soup into the toilet and telling my mom I was sick was good. That's some realistic-looking stuff there, you know. But I like pranks for the most part; I just don't generally have that extra mega-dose of evil to think of them, then pull them off. I leave that to the pros.

In this case, once again it is the Japanese who excel. They have no decorum and are not hampered by litigious paranoia, which makes for the superior prank. Please to enjoy these cruel and funny pranks, courtesy The Land Of The Rising Fun.