It was the sunniest and warmest day so far this year here in DAMP CHILLBERG. I spent it fighting back the family cold, handling the last mountains of laundry, cleaning for the cleaner, and packing for my trip tomorrow. I am tired, irritable, and sad. I must be a mess because this morning I forgot to put the filter in the coffeemaker, an unthinkable bizarre error, and all I got was a clogged-up machine and undrinkable moist grounds. Sigh. To have a coffee fail is a deep shame for me. It is a good thing I am leaving the Seattle area within hours, because it's possible I could get tossed in jail for that 'round here.

So, when I am feeling particularly morose and overwhelmed, I find that a funny YouTube is a help, and also provides some kind of content here because I ain't gonna write f-all tonight. Today's focus will be the GOAT, farm animal of mystery and legend. They aren't really cute or cuddley,and seem kind of mental. But their craziness is my Hoot Fest. Please to enjoy.