Yes, that was how it felt today, Sleepster instead of Easter. I slept, woke up long enough to eat a lovely cheese and avocado omelet, open my birthday presents, play a bit on the computer, then BAM! Total fatigue and back to bed. The kids were happy, the Bunny did indeed arrive with copious amounts of candy. I ate a tiny bag of jellybeans and marveled that it was more sugary than sugar itself.

I smiled all big over my presents. My family, who all know I am goofy, got me new stuff for Garage Band so I can continue making more music and fun: Jam Pack Rhythm Section, a midi keyboard, and a big control panel. OMG, I almost have a STUDIO! Ha ha, how great. It was a wonderful surprise, and as soon as I can lop 5GB off this seriously-loaded laptop I can begin to play with these goodies. YAY! Watch this space for more obnoxiousness soon!

I slept, took a shower, ate some decent take-out Easter dinner. Tomorrow will be quiet, with nothing more than the sounds of the laundry going, me transferring computer files to an external hard drive, and the blissful, rustling sounds of me taking a nap of grand and epic duration. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I can't wait to get to sleep tonight just to be able to take this nap. I tell ya.

Mr11, commenting from the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building, has the last word for tonight.