I have come to believe that the real value to having children is not to repopulate the earth, nor to grow your own character as a nurturing caregiver, nor to relive your childhood, nor to ensure someone might reluctantly help pay for your D+ rated nursing home in your dotage. No, it is to be randomly amused by them, and the way they see the world. This is only good until they hit their teen years, then their views became highly annoying and painfully stupid. The shelf life of cute is short; ask any Disney teen star, if you can get them away from the crack pipe for a sec.

But today I was most tickled. Once again, MissSix comes through, and the absurdity meter goes into the red:

MissSix: (in the backseat of the car driving home) Mom, you know that guy from the Fell In Love With A Girl song?

Me: Yes, Jack White.

MissSix: Is he a slug?

Me: WHAT? HAHAHAH! WHAT? A slug??? Like the insect??

MissSix: Yes, is he a slug?

Me: No! He's a guy! What are you thinking of?

MissSix: In that one video, he looks like a slug.

Me: Well, the Fell In Love With A Girl song has that Lego video, remember?

MissSix: I think he looks like a slug. I'm going to draw him like that, OK?

Me: Uh...OK! Ha ha ha!

And...here we are:

Sorry, Jack. You are now a slug. Drawn with great affection, I am sure.