Today, I saw in an hour:

That look, a particular combination of pity/awkwardness/detachment, when people don’t know what to say to you, either because they have done you wrong, or you have done wrong, or things are just wrong.

A big talent that will likely flourish, even with the poor odds.

Someone who was isolated, and desperately unhappy.

Someone who pulls people towards him like a rock star, just by walking in the room.

Someone who is always thinking about words and writing, and doesn’t even realize it.

Surprise and relief at graciousness shown.

Someone who needs to find his own way, away.

A core of steel.

A heartbreaking fondness.

A fiery defiant intelligence, dramatic and crying to be heard, giant emotions flung to the sky, but never fully felt.

The natural lightness of spirit that one must work at later in life.

A growing bitterness, spreading from an idea of unfairness and how things should have been, and will never be.

The right man for the job.

Someone waiting for it to end.

And a sunny sky, reflected in the puddles I walked right through instead of walking around.