MissSix: Mama, what was I born to do?

Me: Well! I don't know! What do you think?

MissSix: I think I was born to be an artist.

Me: That could well be.

MissSix: What were you born?

Me: Hmm.

MissSix: You were born to take pictures.

Me: Oh! Well, thank you. That's very nice.

MissSix: (pointing at Mr10) I think he was born to eat.

Me: Why? He barely eats anything!

MissSix: Exactly.

Mr10: I eat.

Me: Yes, you eat. Not a lot, but you eat.

MissSix: I think (TEEN) was born to have girlfriends.

Me: Oh, god.

Mr10: I don't know what I was born to do yet. How can someone know that yet? I am just a little kid! I might be born to be at the zoo, though.

Me: I know that you love it there. It would be an exciting place to work, I bet.

Mr10: And you can just push the food into the cages. You don't always have to go in there, because it can be incredibly dangerous.

Me: That's true. I am sure you would take good care of the animals.

MissSix: Mama, maybe you were born to run.