I spent almost all of my life wanting everything to be easy. Like, REALLY, wanting things to be easy. If things weren't easy, then meh, not worth it. I would avoid everything that took any real effort, thinking that sort of thing was not worth ME.

It took me awhile, but now I get it. Things don't have to be difficult for me to appreciate them, I don't have to have bad to know good, but good hard work and a challenge is not only worthwhile, I think it is necessary. There is nothing shameful about having to work hard to get something, to understand something, to gain a new skill. The whole process is important.

Some of you got this right away, and benefited. I spent far too long avoiding things I should have gone towards, the easy way out did me no good so many times. Maybe it took me this long to see it, or get the strength to feel like this. Whatever the case, I see things a little differently now, and am grateful for it.

This is not to say I wouldn't mind someone cooking a nice meal for me sometime or winning the lottery. Let's not get all crazy.

George Harrison -- "It Don't Come Easy"