What a thought. Opportunity has reopened, and I must now quickly contemplate this thought: what have I made that is lovely? Have I indeed made anything lovely, outside of my attractive-looking spawn?



It is really pushing my thoughts around. What is lovely, anyway? Have I made anything like that, something touching and beautiful and precious? That is what seems lovely to me. Am I that person who can do that? Or not?

Lovely can be charming, or heartbreaking, simple or complex. But it is no small thing. I hold something that is lovely to the highest of standards. I can't just send in anything. It has to resonate with me, first. I know what it is, now I have to figure if I can find it, somewhere.

Sorry to be so obscure. I am all coffeed up and thinking. Here is something completely and perfectly lovely to make your trip to the ol' Island worthwhile. Go be beautiful.

Judy Garland -- "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"