You wanna know something that irritates the HELL out of me? THE GRATEFUL DEAD. This band AGITATES ME A WHOLE LOT. I'm not even kidding, if I hear them for even a few seconds I start to get mad and get a headache and throw my hands up in the air and my mouth drops and my head shakes and I go MY GOD! I can't help it. THEY OFFEND ME.

Yes, I know Jerry Garcia is dead. Yes, he seems like he was a pleasant man with a good sense of humor. BUT JESUS CHRIST. How can someone have so consistently played a guitar with so little musicality? It sounds like someone let a rat run free on the fretboard. Not only that, but all the members of the band sound like they were in separate rooms from each other, utterly unconcerned with being in the same key or tempo. The singing sounds like Bobby Brady's cracking pubescent voice pushed through a leaky bellows, and the whole effort put together, every song in the SAME MEANDERING SHUFFLE PACE, is SO WEAK that it HURTS ME.

ANSWER ME. How can you play this kind of music for FOUR HOURS AT A TIME? Do they sleep in the middle? I am actually serious. An advertisement for JUST SAY NO.

I cannot tolerate The Grateful Dead. Thank you.