ASSIGNMENT #8: What I Would Like To Accomplish In My Life

Intro To Art -- Porps


I would really like to think of something to do when I grow up. I'd like to be paid money for something that would use the talents I have, and I'd like to enjoy and be excited by my work. This would be an amazing accomplishment and relief if I ever figure it out.

I would like to raise a kind-hearted, useful, positive, creative child. I'd like him to be happy with himself.

I would like to keep a healthy, strong marriage with my husband.

I would like to become less fearful.

I would like to make a difference -- small or large.

I would like to be financially secure.

I would like peace of mind, and the feeling that everything was worth all the struggle.

I would like better fitness and health.

I would like to be able to go into a store and buy anything I liked, just once. Well, OK, more than once.

I would like to have enough resources to give much of it away.

I would like to get a dog.

I would like to travel as much as I wanted.

I would like to be free.