Another good run at Marshall's today. I found my favorite pair, the Guess Skinny Starlet, and went down another size. This caused me to grin wildly in the fitting room. I also grinned wildly to try on another pair, a different brand with what I am quite sure is the World's Shortest Zipper. It appears to be 1" long. HA HA. NONE MORE SHORT.

While I was in the fitting room, grinning, I overheard two women talking in accents I could not quite place, switching back and forth from English to the other language:

Woman 1: I like everything comfortable. I don't want anything tight. Why? What for?
Woman 2: Oh, yes, yes, I know what you mean. I hate anything tight around my waist, it gives me gas.
Woman 1: I should be uncomfortable? No, ting ting ting ting tang clack bing clack bong ting.
Woman 2: Oh, ting ting ting bip boop baahhh bip ting ting, yes.
Woman 1: What is the size of that?
Woman 2: It says ting ting clack ting clack.
Woman 1: I want bigger. Not so loose now. Where is that bip bip bing ting clack ding dong ting? I saw it yesterday, it was so pretty color, but I think someone buy it.
Woman 2: Oh, that is too bad. Bing ting ting clack?

They were gone by the time I exited with my garments, so I never saw the women. I hope they found colorful, comfortable, pretty clothes that did not give them gas.

The only real disappointment was the Nonna wasn't there again at the fitting room. Maybe she got deported, and is somewhere in Moscow, scowling and teasing her hair. I even brought my camera this time. Oh, well.