Dance is truth. There is hardly any other kind of expression I can think of that comes straight from the soul. Elegant or fluid or clumsy or clunky, it does not matter. It is that one spirit coming out, as best able, free in the air for a moment, almost tangible as it floats.

Therefore, the expression “dancing around the truth” irritates me. I get the idea of side-stepping, avoiding, circling, but I hate for dancing to be used as a metaphor for lies. Like if Fred and Ginger were swooping around a big fat elephant in the middle of a ballroom, and the elephant had a big sign on it that said, “YOU CAN’T AVOID ME. I AM THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, KNOWN AS TRUTH.” Well, I think that Fred and Ginger’s swooping is just their truthiness coming out, and as soon as they finished their kickass steppings, they would attend to the elephant immediately in a kind and direct manner. People who aren’t afraid to dance know quite a bit about truth. Yes, even though Elaine on Seinfeld didn’t know she was a terrible dancer, she still let that shit out and had fun if truth be told.

The Truthful Elephant, with any luck, would not be sent to a circus to be made to dance someone else’s dance, but set free somewhere he could figure out his own stampy thing.

Dig it.