Guest Blogger: Bill from Chicago

Hey all y'all. I didn't even know my hostess blogged so I don't know what confections y'all are used to. I do know that there's a ping pong sized knot in my gut where common sense used to be.

We pulled into The Kiltie for dinner, a vintage Oconomowoc drive-in diner. My daughter ordered the fish filet (rhymes with "kill it") and I had the Pizza Steak, a chocolate malt AND a mollyfloggin Mellow Mint (soft serve sundae with fudge, mint and marshmallow).
All I can say by way of justification is "FAILBOATS fat man."

We drove up to Wisconsin this morning to reunite with your lovely blogstress after six years separation. It's the weekend of Harley Fest so the road was filled with bikers. My vivacious wife (pork tenderloin and a lime shake with custard topping) kept clicking photos of cycles with leather fringe and 'coon tails.

She got a shot of the daughter with a canvas bag over her head in the back seat. She took a picture of an enormous cheesecake and some ugly condos. Somehow she failed to notice the six foot transvestite with acne and razor burn standing in line behind us at the Mars Cheese Castle. That would have been a holiday memory.

Happy Labor Day one and all. Solidarity. Worker's Power. Smash the State. Thanks to the people who gave us the Weekend.

We now return control to your regularly scheduled blogger.

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