Today's jaunt was to the 6th Annual KEXP-FM Summer BBQ in downtown Seattle, featuring some good alternative bands, including The Dandy Warhols, a big favorite of mine. KEXP is a great radio station, one of the best independent stations in the country, and they always seem to keep a fresh attitude and playlist, unlike the rest of the dross that is regular radio these days.

It really should be against the law somehow for it to rain in the summer in Seattle.

As we headed out, it started pouring rain. DAMMIT I said. By the time the car was parked, it was not raining as badly, and to live here is to accept the feeling of being wet and miserable at any moment, so I put my grey hoodie hood up and and started walking over. First thing was getting something to eat. I tried a brat and of course it sucked because Seattle just has no feel for such cuisine, and a few of a mountain of curly fries, made by spinning a whole potato with a cordless drill. Don't ask me to explain further, just accept what I tell you.

After they wiped some of the rain off the stage and fiddled with the sound for a zillion minutes, I made my way down to the stage to see a very good Portland, OR. duo, The Helio Sequence. They were much harder rocking live than on their records, so I was all good with that. The rain-soaked crowd was remarkably good-humored, not horribly high/drunk, dressed mostly in black, with lots of interesting hair. The age range was all over the place, including a short and rotund women with a long ponytail and a baseball cap in front of me who must've been 70. She did rock to the bands. The Dandy Warhols were superb, despite having to play a short set, and I banged my hands against the stage and went WOO and smiled a lot.

Despite the rain, the rain delay, the bad brat, mud, skunk-smelling pot, and a bitch whom I had to deliver the Evil Eye to, I had fun. Thanks, KEXP!