So today I wanted to go see a great local band, The Boss Martians, over at Seafair, and that is all I wanted to do. I hate airshows, AS WE KNOW, and hydroplane races as well. I am a reasonable person and these dangerous activities seem offensive to me. SO, I wanted to see the band play a free show in the early evening and then get back home -- I had missed seeing them many times. Drove into Seattle, got a shuttle bus to Seafair, walked through the park to where the stage was supposed to be and OH DEAR. Even though the band was set to go on at 5:15PM, the Seafair folks still wanted full-price admission of $30 until 6PM. AW!!!!!! And it was 15 minutes until showtime.

I went up to an old dude at the info booth and asked about this, telling him I just came to see the band play for their hour. All the dangerous and offensive activities had finished a couple hours prior. He told me, sorry, that's the way it is, and I turned and walked away, dejected. Thirty bucks X 2, plus $5 X 2 for the shuttle, and $10 for parking makes for a pretty expensive one-hour free show. Damn. Damn damn damn.

After I stood there for a few minutes, all sad and not really knowing what to do, other than I didn't want to fork up the $60, but really wanting to see the band, I look behind me. The Info Booth dude comes out to get me, waving for me to come closer. He holds out two comp tickets, and tells me to have a great time. I go WOW! and give him a big big hug and big big smile. His random act of nice saved the day. I dedicate my good time to you, Sir; you did a kindness thing, and I truly appreciated it. Thank you again.

Here's video from the show. Rock rock rock!