Come to think of it, the clothes I wore in the 70s were even worse than what I wore in the 80s:

  • a polyester pants set, with pictures of different kinds of candy bars all over the pants, and a matching orange top with a blue and white polka dotted tie. WTF????
  • a purple, white, and hot pink flowered macrame vest
  • mom-sewed dark blue cords covered in tiny felt strawberries
  • mom-sewed black cords with some kind of huge floral pattern that looked like an old lady couch
  • fake Frye boots and fake CAT work boots made of plastic from the Farm 'N Fleet, because we didn't have the money to buy real leather ones
  • white wide legged jeans that said "ARIES" on them in orange embroidery, and a blue embroidered ram on the ass pocket
  • fake denim platform shoes with silver studs all the way around the bottom
  • a Harvey Wallbanger t-shirt
  • a Keep On Truckin' t-shirt
  • painter pants in white, off-white, orange, red, and purple
  • painter-pant overalls in off-white, denim, and red
  • a plaid shirt with gold threads running through it
  • a burgundy Danskin outfit, complete with leotard, wrap skirt, and tights
  • extremely low-rise red velvet jeans that laced all the way up the sides, handed down to me from the slutty neighbor woman; I was only allowed to wear them in the house
  • tweed knickers with a matching rust colored cowl neck sweater, and a tan wool tunic over that; I wore that first day back to school in 8th grade and sweat to death
  • tube tops in red, pink, and dark blue
  • assorted insane-print baby doll tops that covered my pudgy pre-teen stomach
  • CREEM t-shirt
  • white suit with black and white prison striped shirt
  • red parka with bright orange lining which I wore until it ripped to pieces
  • a Soul-Train type overall outfit with elephant bell bottoms that went gradient color from lightest to darkest blue, covered in silver star studs up the sides, which I wore with the studded shoes, a denim cabbie hat, and gradient prescription sunglasses