(My mom steps in to write this short but heartfelt piece tonight, as she and I and millions of others across the globe mourn the sudden and terribly sad passing of actor/comedian Robin Williams, who died today at the age of 63.)

The phone rang.  It was my daughter. 

Mom, did you hear the news? 


Robin Williams committed suicide. 


Oh no! My heart sunk.  It was like the loss of a dear, dear friend. A friend who
took our cares and worries away and filled us with smiles and laughter.

In the late ‘70s Marianne and I went to Milwaukee to see him practice his magic.  At
one point he stepped to the front edge of the stage as though he was going to dive
right into the audience. From our seats in the balcony we watched – and felt --  
the audience in a body gasp and lean forward in unison to catch him, to save
him. Robin Williams, so talented, such charisma, the feeling the whole
audience had in the theater that night came back to me again. If only one of his
countless fans could have leaned forward now and caught him, saved him.

-- J.C.

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