Ah, we wait impatiently through the grey and gloomy fog and rain months for days like last Sunday in Seattle: a perfect summer afternoon with blue, sunny skies in a lush green city park, an ideal setting for Vibrations 2014. This one-day music and art festival, now in its third year, is sponsored by Cairo, an out-of-the box retail/art & performance space/clothing line/record label collective incorporating three locations (Cairo, Prism, and Topaz) in two cities (Seattle and Tucson, AZ). Both Seattle and Tucson have a strong quirkiness running through them, perhaps both having to do with hosting people that are driven to creativity from hiding from the weather half the year. Vibrations 2014 was a definite reflection of the kind of contradictions that make up interesting things -- mellow but punky, groovy but witty, loud, quiet, colorful, serene, AND free and family-friendly! There were bands and art installations, cold brew coffee, jewelry, giant sheets, aura readings, and Otter Pops eaten by tattooed drummers and chubby-cheeked toddlers.

With kids in tow, I had just a brief time to spend at the fest, even though it would have been completely enjoyable just to hang out there the entire time, which is something one cannot say about many festivals. Fortunately, I was able to catch the set by wimps, one of my very favorite local bands. Any time I can see them play is a good time, and I always leave feeling happy, sweaty, and energized, like I would if I were the kind of person who was addicted to going to Jazzercize or Zumba or Roomba or whatever those classes are where people still dress like Flashdance and have very white teeth. You don't have to understand what I am babbling about, but you do have to understand that wimps have just finished recording a new album and that I expect you to buy it when it's released and to see them as they tour the West Coast this month!

For their performance at Volunteer Park, guitarist and vocalist Rachel Ratner was mysteriously joined onstage by the "sisters" of bassist/vocalist Matt Nyce and drummer Dave Ramm. The "ladies" certainly knew how to rock out and all, but I hope they both choose to visit Cairo and update their wardrobes soon, and to think about laser hair removal. Seriously.

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wimps, Vibrations 2014, Volunteer Park, Seattle 8/3/14 Flickr set

Vibrations 2014 miscellaneous, Volunteer Park, Seattle 8/3/14 Flickr set

Thank you Cairo, wimps, all the bands and DJs and artists and vendors at Vibrations 2014, the City of Seattle, Kitty Page, Cameron Spellman, and the weather!