1. Took a 10-min. power nap.

2. Sorted laundry.

3. Flipped through Facebook status updates.

4. Made a delicious drink of hot milk, honey, and a splash of spiced rum.

5. Then I drank it all up.

6. Processed some photos.

7. Thought about vacation spots I'd like to go to and looked at rental houses and decided on nothing.

8. Took a long soaky bath in Ahava Eucalyptus bath salts.

9. Looked up the value of my "Pebbles Vol. 3" LP (which seems to be about 20-25 bucks, nice).

10. Thought about how I wouldn't like the Grammys any better even if every nominee were made up of my favorite artists.

11. Liked some photos on Instagram.

12. Pet the dog.

13. Fretted that it's going to be really, really cold again at my mom's house.

14. Coughed for awhile.

15. Wondered if Liberace really did swear a lot in real life.

16. Threw some old papers in the recycling bin.

17. Listened to two new Dead Weather songs; did not like.

18. Located vitamins for Mr22.

19. Blew my nose.

20. Wrote this post.