This is Marianne's pal Dena, just keeping Marianne's spot warm and dropping off some prime reading material for you to peruse. Marianne is unable to visit thrift shops to take pictures of weird record covers or even to sit up at the moment, which means her children are eating all the food. Please send her your warmest healing wishes, preferably accompanied by a large pot of chicken soup.

You may find it surprising that there was once a how-to magazine for teenage girls who aspired to be groupies, but the 1970s were a strange and wondrous time. Star only lasted for five issues in 1973 before it was discontinued, but the amazing thing was that it existed at all. Published in the heyday of Rodney's English Disco, Star featured photos and interviews of all the notorious LA groupies, most of whom were completely underage. Everything and everyone was "foxy," and the platforms heels were as high as the shorts were short. Star was every parent's nightmare, which is why it was far too good to last. 

Ryan Richardson has managed to collect and scan all five issues of Star, so if you have never before read this inspiring periodical, you are in for a treat . The pages are watermarked to prevent theft, but the image quality is very good and you even get a satisfying "swoosh" sound when you turn a page. If you ever see copies of Star at a garage sale for cheap, I suggest you snap them right up and send them to yours truly. In the meantime, this will do nicely.